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Music Ministry


One of our blessings is having a wonderful music ministry led by Director of Music Aaron Basch, who is surrounded by many talented musicians. The Music Ministry at Good Shepherd enhances our worship weekly. Each group shares its talents in at least one worship service every month. It is always a welcoming atmosphere to share your musical talents and connect with other members of the Good Shepherd family.  Read More >


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Sunday Worship at 8:30 am and 10 am. Livestreaming of our 8:30 am service.

Adult Choir

Aaron Basch, director of music, is the leader for this ministry and is himself an accomplished vocalist himself. He is a lifelong member of Good Shepherd, participating in the music ministry since he was a child. Aaron is committed to making music an integral part of Good Shepherd’s worship. He puts tremendous love and effort into sharing music with the entire church family. The Adult Choir is open to anyone high school age and older, and rehearses on Wednesday evenings.


Carillon Adult Handbell Choir

Michelle Podewell, the director, is an accomplished musician and a very gifted member of Good Shepherd. Michelle is known for leading this handbell group with joy, being challenging but supportive and making every rehearsal fun. The Carillon Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and is open to anyone, high school age and older.


Flute Choir

Joy Ausec is the director who heads this group of flutists who have graced worship services with beautiful instrumental pieces since 2004. Joy has been a member of Good Shepherd since she was in grade school and has maintained a passion for sharing her gift of music. The Flute Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings and is open to any flute player, high school age and older.


Junior Choir

The director of this ministry is Michelle Podewell, an accomplished vocalist, pianist, and elementary school music teacher. Michelle enjoys sharing her gift of music with everyone and has been a member of Good Shepherd for over 15 years. The Junior Choir rehearses on Monday evenings and is open to anyone in 3rd to 8th grade.


Joy Ringers Youth Handbell Choir

Michelle Podewell directs this ministry and enjoys teaching young people the fundamentals and enjoyment of music. The Joy Ringers rehearse on Wednesday evenings and are open to students in 3rd to 8th grade.


Cherub Choir

Donna Choquette directs this ministry, where she adores music and the Good Shepherd church family. Donna inspires their youngest vocalists to explore music while providing the spirit of enjoyment. The Cherub Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings before Sunday School.

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