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Local Ministry


At Good Shepherd, we offer a broad range of outreach to share our talents, gifts and assistance with our local community that may be in need. We use our God-given gifts and resources to make a meaningful and life-giving difference. If you are looking to aid and improve the community, please review our offerings and reach out to us today.  Read More >


"Christ has no body now on earth but yours."
- St. Teresa of Avila

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Sunday Worship at 8:30 am and 10 am. Livestreaming of our 8:30 am service.

Supporting Local Business Friends of Good Shepherd

As we all continue to navigate this unique time, Good Shepherd still brings the community together. One of our efforts has been supporting local business friends of the congregation or employing our members. They consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • Jimmy John’s

  • Louisa’s Pizza and Pasta 

  • Palos Golf

  • Pop’s Beef

  • Walgreens

  • Wolf’s Bakery


Food Pantry

Good Shepherd helps our local food pantry throughout the year, collecting food donations every month and taking them regularly for the pantry to distribute to their clients. In addition, the Sunday School students hosts an annual bake sale putting the proceeds toward supporting the food pantry. Also, before Easter, shopping bags are distributed on Sunday mornings with instructions for members to fill the “Easter Blessing Bags.” These bags are then taken to the food pantry to help families in need. Additionally, at Thanksgiving, we request food donations during services leading up to the holiday.


Homeless Cooking and Homeless Shelter Visits

Monthly, a group meets in the church kitchen to cook, freeze, and distribute meals to homeless shelters. Also, Good Shepherds High School Youth makes periodic visits to shelters throughout the year to cook and serve dinner.


Rudolph's Big Build

Since 2012, Good Shepherd has used its parking lot to produce the frame and walls for a family home in an event we call the  “Rudolph Big Build". These walls are loaded into a truck and driven to a the home construction site. In 2018, the event was renamed “Rudolph’s Big Build” in memory of Bill Rudolph, who passed away suddenly that year. Bill was a huge proponent, supporter, and participant in the “Big Build” and many other projects at Good Shepherd.


Clothing Drive

Every year before Thanksgiving, Good Shepherd collects donations of warm clothes and blankets and distributes them to those in need. We have partnered with Morningstar Missions in Joliet to help support their clients as they navigate the colder seasons.


Feed My Starving Children

Throughout the year, groups from Good Shepherd visit Feed My Starving Children to help this organization pack meals for starving families across the globe. It's a practical option for people of all ages to come together and make a difference in our world.


High School Mission Trip

Two out of every three summers, Good Shepherd’s high school youth participate in a mission trip. These trips allow young adults to volunteer in a different community and share God’s love with people in need. Participants in these trips spend six months getting to know each other through monthly meetings, activities, and fundraising events. They also participate in the ELCA Youth Gathering during the third summer.

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