Church Council

Church Leadership

Good Shepherd is blessed to have many people who are willing to give of their time and talents to make our community a loving and caring family.  Below is a list of our dedicated leaders who serve on our various committees and teams. Beyond those listed, many others volunteer their time and talents towards the mission and ministry of the church.  If you would like to get more involved with our church family, please contact the church office at (708) 448-4170 or email Pastor Buresh.

2019 Church Officers

Church Council:

Chairperson - Kristie Traverso

Vice-Chairperson - Ron Jurkovic

Secretary - Diane M. Sweeney

Treasurer - William Markel

Financial Secretary - Linda Sensmeier

Committee Chairpersons:

Deacons - Paul Petersen

Education - Kelly Hennessy

Missions and Charities - Judy Lang

Adult Activities - Shawn Erickson

Church and Community - Larry Mish

Trustees - Keith Gansel

Stewardship - Joe Perry


Michael Aspan

Sue Buerger

Susan Colella

Roger Collins

Nancy Cross

David Fewkes

Jim Fricke

Jeff Good

William Kretzer

Kathy Kupka

Sue Markel

Sue McCoy

Peter Pappas

Tim Pearson

Paul Petersen

Laura Petritsch


Jamie Ekhart

Joyce Grochowski

Robert Held

James Johanson

Teresa Kocanda

Nancy Metro

CJ Muller

Priscilla Overgaard

Joseph Perry

Joe Schmitt

Doris Stachyra

Rudy Stachyra

Education and Youth Committee:

Diane Adduci

Todd Bergmann

Dawn Bronson

Tim Harrah

Kelly Hennessy

Jenn Krieher

Paula Pries

Eileen Rizzo

Edith Schmitt

Katie Walsh

Personnel Committee:

Ron Jurkovic

Dann Lobsinger

Marta Meyer

Wayne Rabold

Missions Committee:

Marilyn Aspan

Susan Boughan

Debbie Fricke

Tracy Heilman

Robert Held

Sue Hennessy

Judy Lang

Mary Mannix

Joan Meyers

Joe Miller

Henry Paulsen

Ruth Sava

Finance Committee:

Paul Behrman

Jim Fricke

Henry Lang

Bill Markel

Marie Perry

Laura Petritsch

Roger Rosenquist

Judy Simner


Corey Bergamo, Jr.

Wayne Buerger

Jack Cody

William DeLeo

James Ditchman

Keith Gansel

Tim Hoffman

Dave Holke

Tom Kozlowski

Carl Kupka, Jr.

Larry Mish                           

Joe Perry

William Webber

Adult Activities Committee:

Diane Adduci

Sharon Courtney

Shawn Erickson

Donna Husar

Susan Joritz

Jim Johanson

Karl Krout

Susan Mish

Melinda Moore

Tim Moore

CJ Muller

Elaine Ogorzalek

Cathy Pellegrini

Eileen Rizzo