Reliable Leadership Rooted in History


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd was established on February 4, 1953, sparked by Mrs. Irene Hutzler trying to provide worship services in the Palos community. Palos East School was the location for the first Worship Services until the dedication of the original church building in 1956. The first Pastor, Rev. Dr. Harry Huxhold, served faithfully until he was succeeded by Rev. Victor L. Brandt in 1960.


A significant turning point in the life of our vibrant church family took place in the mid-’70s. In response to the controversies within the Missouri Synod, in November of 1976, the decision was made to become a charter congregation of the English Synod of the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches. At the time, the first two Pastors were elected vice presidents in the new Synod. Pastor Brandt would later become Bishop. This new association would lead the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in January of 1988, bringing together more than 5.3 million American Lutherans represented by 11,000 congregations.


We took another new step in 1977 by calling an Associate Pastor to work with Pastor Brandt in expanding the congregation’s ministry. Wayne A. Basch, soon graduating from Concordia Seminary in Exile, was appointed in February and ordained in May. In 1978 attention was given to the enlargement of the facilities and vital expansion. This $475,000 program demonstrated that the 25-year-old congregation was on the threshold of an enlarging ministry in the name of Christ. Bishop Brandt retired in 1986, and Pastor Basch then became Senior Pastor.


In 2001,Good Shepherd broke ground on a $3 million dollar project to build a new sanctuary and remodel our Sunday School and music space. The faithfulness, love, and generosity from the support of our church family enabled this project to be completed debt-free on March 17, 2002. In 2016, we began a new chapter with the calling of Rev. Chris Buresh as Associate Pastor. Pastor Basch soon after retired in the summer of 2018. We appointed Pastor Buresh as Senior Pastor and in 2021 appointed Rev. Andrew Bell as Associate Pastor.


For over 65 years, blessings have come from dedicated leaders and members who contribute their talents and gifts. Each has touched the lives of our congregation, and we have much gratitude. As we look ahead from our proud past with the support of God’s unique love, we’re filled with hope and excitement about the possibilities for the future.


Rev. Chris Buresh

Senior Pastor


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Rev. Andrew Bell

Associate Pastor


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Lori Puttkammer
Director of Children's & Family Ministry

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Donna Choquett

Administrative Assistant


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Amy Meier

Office Assistant 

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We are Servant Leaders

Church Officers who volunteer their unique talents and time.

Church Council:


Chairperson - Ron Jurkovic

Vice-Chairperson - Sue Buerger

Secretary - Joe Jaksich

Treasurer - William Markel

Financial Secretary - Linda Sensmeier


Committee Chairpersons:


Deacons -Michael Aspan

Education - Edith Schmitt

Missions and Charities - Judy Lang

Congregational Activities - Lauren Kirkner

Church and Community - Shawn Erickson Trustees - Matt Behrman

Stewardship - Joe Perry




Michael Aspan

Mark Baldwin

Jennifer Castor

Nancy Cross

David Fewkes

Jim Fricke

Jeff Good

Lynn Huttner

Kathy Kupka

Ron Luce

Sue Markel

Peter Pappas

Tim Pearson

Paul Petersen

Laura Petritsch

Marsha Rauch



Kirk Becker

Jamie Ekhart

Joyce Grochowski

Robert Held

James Johanson

Nancy Metro

CJ Muller

Joseph Perry

Joe Schmitt

Gwen Sheehan

Doris Stachyra

Rudy Stachyra


Education & Youth Committee:


Todd Bergmann

Dawn Bronson

Liz Gutierrez

Sara Hupe

Julie Maty

Steve Maty

Paula Pries

Edith Schmitt

Katie Walsh


Personnel Committee:


Sue Buerger

Todd Bergmann

Greg Pengiel

Diane M. Sweeney

Missions Committee:


Marilyn Aspan

Susan Boughan

Nancy Firkin

Debbie Fricke

Tracy Heilman

Robert Held

Sue Hennessy

Judy Lang

Joan Meyers

Joe Miller

Carol Miller

Henry Paulsen



Matt Behrman

Corey Bergamo, Jr.

Jack Cody

William DeLeo

James Ditchman

Keith Gansel

Tim Hoffman

Dave Holke

Carl Kupka, Jr.

Larry Mish

Tim Pearson

Joe Perry

Finance Committee:


Paul Behrman

Jim Fricke

Henry Lang

Bill Markel

Marie Perry

Laura Petritsch

Roger Rosenquist


Congregational Activities Committee:


Diane Adduci

John Carlson

Lynette Carlson

Sharon Courtney

Shawn Erickson

Susan Joritz

Jim Johanson

Lauren Kirkner

Karl Krout

Susan Mish

Melinda Moore

Tim Moore

CJ Muller

Elaine Ogorzalek

Cathy Pellegrini

Caryl Zirbes