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Generosity isn’t an act. It’s a way of life.

Join us at our next scheduled event!

Sunday In-Person Worship at 9 am and 11 am. Online message posts Sunday at 9 am. 

A Strong Legacy of Generosity 

At Good Shepherd, we have a deep history of providing stability, security, and acts of generosity. We support local, national, and global projects that help people recover from natural disasters, support local charities financially, and make a difference in our world. Our missions committee ensures that the resources provided will prioritize the specific needs of each situation. Collaborating on the possibilities while offering solutions to better circumstances, we are adaptable and ready to take on any challenge! 


In addition to our physical efforts at Good Shepherd, we have a goal of generously supporting local, national and international ministries by giving away 30% of our annual operating expense (e.g., $180,000+ for donations.) To learn more about the ministries we offer, please visit the Ministries Getting Started page.


Annual Capital Improvement Grant

Good Shepherd annually distributes a grant of just over $8,200 to an agency or ministry which is embarking on a capital improvement project. Information about the application process can be found by clicking HERE. Make sure to share this project with agencies making a difference in our world and encourage them to send in their information by June 1, 2023.

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