Worship During the time of COVID-19

With the ongoing return to a more normal, we expect this week’s worship to shift a little. A few of the changes are listed below so you can know what to expect.


  • You DO NOT need to RSVP for service or Sunday School.

  • We will be singing the liturgy and hymns during the service.

  • People will come forward for Holy Communion. Individuals who would prefer can still receive the pre-packaged elements and partake in communion at their seat.

  • Communion will be offered only at the late service this week. The early service will be the Service of the Word. Communion will be at the early service on the first, third and fifth (if applicable) Sundays and at the late service on the second and fourth Sundays.

  • Groups are welcome to meet again at the church and have snacks and other drinks at the meetings.


Again, these anticipated adjustments may change if new information is presented but we felt it important to share how we are looking forward to resuming these long missed practices and have a plan for resuming them in the near future.

During this time of transition, we understand that everyone has the ability to choose practices as they see best. You are welcome to continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing and take any other measures you feel are appropriate knowing that you will never be singled out. We will continue to also post services online if you feel that is the best situation for you during this time.

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