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This Year's Big Build was AWESOME

On October 7, the people of Good Shepherd gathered to build the frame of a home that will go to support a build with Habitat for Humanity. The particular build will go to Georgia where the panels of the frame will be put together to craft a 3 bedroom home.

Over 80 people volunteered their time to ensure this meaningful project was accomplished in record time. Speaking of time, Raymond from Crossorads Ministries, the agency that assists us in this endeavor, shared how our work in just a few hours will cut down the build time on site from 24 months down to 12 months. That's quite amazing and a testament to what God's people can do.

To find out more about this years Big Build or learn more about Crossroads Ministries which assisted us in this endeavor, contact Pastor Chris. Finally, a big thank you to our on-site director and coordinator, Linda Hubbard as well as all the volunteers.


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