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Good Shepherd Rummage Sale .... May 3 & 4

Our annual rummage sale is coming up on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4. All are invited to come and find their newest treasure. The entire basement of the church is usually jam packed with great things ranging from antique to practical. The unique furniture and decorations are fun to see and also to take home. All the proceeds go to support our summer youth trip to New Orleans.

Donations are appreciated and accepted beginning on Monday, April 29. As you clean out your closets and consider donating, please note that we can no longer take the following items: books, televisions, computer monitors, car seats, cribs, mattresses, sofa-beds, entertainment centers, and any electric item that is not functioning. We're happy to take any other types of furniture however, outside of antiques and solid wood pieces, everything else should be made after the year 2000. We appreciate all our donations but don't want to accept things that we cannot sell.

For more information, call the church office and ask for Pastor Bell. Thank you for all your support.



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