Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from the worship service?

You can expect to be met by one of our greeters as you enter the sanctuary. They are happy to answer any questions or direct you to someone who can. Our regular worship services include prayer, readings from scripture, music and a sermon. Communion is shared every week, alternating which service on a week by week basis. The printed bulletin guides the congregation by directing them to hymns and pages in the hymnal. If you are ever in need of guidance following the service, you are welcome to ask one of our ushers or regular attendees for help and they would be happy to provide assistance. You are welcome to sing, pray, listen, and join in communion if you would like but it’s okay to just sit back and observe. Come here and be yourself.


What do people wear to worship?

Most people wear casual clothing. Some wear suits and skirts while others will wear jeans and sweaters. Feel free to wear whatever you feel is appropriate.


What is communion?

Holy Communion, often called the Eucharist, connects us to God through taking the bread and wine accompanied with the promises of God’s Word. Communion is shared at one of our services each Sunday. Our calendar highlights at which service Communion will be offered.


May I take communion even if I’m not a member?

All are welcome to partake in the sacrament of communion regardless of their church affiliation. Those who do not wish to partake are welcome to come through the communion line and receive a blessing. No one who comes forward will be denied.


I have an infant or toddler. Can they be in the sanctuary? Is there a nursery?

Children of every age are welcome in our sanctuary. If it is preferred, we have a nursery very near the sanctuary that children are welcome to play in during the worship service and the television and sound system in that room allows parents to participate in the service. During the late service every Sunday the nursery is staffed so parents are welcome to drop off their child and worship, assured that their child will receive great care.


Is parking hard to find?

We have a large parking lot that extends on the side and back of the sanctuary with multiple handicapped parking spaces in the front and back of the church. You are welcome to pull to the front of the building to drop off people prior to parking.


How easy is it to get around the church building?

The sanctuary is located right away as one comes in the entrances on the south side of the building. If a wheelchair is needed, talk to an usher and they will provide you with one of the chairs we have on hand. The entire facility is accessible through the use of our elevator.


Worship services are only one part of the life of Good Shepherd. Our weekly calendar is quite full with many active programs and groups for children, youth and adults. Our community is also heavily invested in missions work. Check out our newsletter and calendar to see all that’s going on.